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Title: God’s Telephone Number
By: Fatai Oladapo Adebanjo
Review Date: July 16, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.8 out of 10.0 stars

God’s Telephone Number by Fatai Oladapo Adebanjo relates to believers in Christ and unbelievers alike, the power and privilege inherent in believing and calling upon Almighty God. Giving an inside perspective to his own conversion from Muslim to Christianity, the author humbly gives glory to God only for his conversion and for inspiration to pen this unique book. Full of encouragement and scripture, the author gives a blueprint for connecting with God, while offering guidance through obedience to the Gospel; therefore, forsaking any sin. This short read also offers encouragement from a scriptural foundation and presents to the readers simple answers to complex questions on prayer, giving assurance as to why prayers are sometimes delayed. There is no doubt this author is full of faith in his walk with the Lord. After reading this uplifting book, the reader will be ignited to walk in faith, believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ for all things.

With a compassionate heart the author inspires others to look to God in prayer, yet does not hesitate to warn others to change course. Uplifting, this read surely will win many souls to Christ and can be considered for use as a study guide for the individual or within a prayer group. Included at the end, is an amazing section of prayers offered on subjects such as: provision, health and finances. This is a highly recommended read for those that need inspiration or for those that battle doubt. This short and simple read also comes strongly recommended for Muslims that do not know Christ to aid in understanding the immense grace and mercy of God available to all who call upon His Name.

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Editor’s Book Review For The God’s Telephone Number

How does a person get in touch with God? It is a common question asked by both Christians and even non-Christians. The late Jackie Gleason reportedly said he would give everything he had if someone could tell him for sure what God said about how he could go to heaven when I die. A quick look at the spiritual section in any secular bookstore will likewise reveal this burning appetite in the heart of man. For Christian believers the same thing is true. In their heart there is a hunger created by the Holy Spirit causing them to desire to maintain a close relationship with their creator.

While there are no shortages of books on the subject, Fatai Adebanjo has come up with a unique method to describe how to have this sweet relationship with their savior. This method is not based on some “new” revelation, rather it is based on tried and true principles long established in the scriptures that are simply presented in a new light.

Sadly, many Christians do not spend a large amount of time in the Old Testament. As a result, many grand and glorious teachings in the bible are hidden from them. It has been my privilege to edit God’s Telephone Number. The book provides food for thought and reminds Christians of how God created them “unto good works” as Ephesians 2:10 says. With our God being a holy God, living a holy life is essential for maintaining a close relationship with him. As the scripture says, “can two walk together except they be agreed?” This book will help the Christian live a life in agreement with God.

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Book Review by Featheredquill

65 Sayings Inspired From My Night’s Dream
By: Fatai Oladapo Adebanjo
Publisher: Corporation Publication Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-937183-74-5
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: August 1, 2013

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. There are many sayings that have become the backbone of America’s history. These sayings came from men and women who offered the world inspiration, hope and a driving determination to be better.

From Abraham Lincoln to JFK and beyond – there are a list of human beings that have graced us with their lives, and left a lasting impression because of the faith they embodied.

While reading this book of sayings, I was truly reminded of how dreams can become reality. Whether a person calls it a visitation from the Divine, or simply a dream where they wake up because they suddenly know whatever truths they may not have known before and need to write them down – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is sharing the information with others, and this writer has done just that.

This small book is filled with unique insights into various areas of everyday life and concern. Are these solutions to all the problems we face as humans and as a nation? No. What they are is a way to change, envelop or understand another point of view.

Opening yourself up to a different point of view is important. If it doesn’t happen, we cease to learn. From the social classes to the fight to attain wealth – each saying comes along with a description to better understand the author’s point, as well as a Lesson to be learned from each saying. This is about personal reflection. This is about giving yourself the chance to see a ‘light’ that you have perhaps missed along the way.

There are so many excellent sayings in this book that it’s near impossible to pick just one for a review. However, being from a small town where wealth and the difference between social classes was immense, the author has one saying that really struck: “There is a trace of hard work in wealth acquired by a man, no matter how he made his wealth.” Some will shake their heads immediately at this. Some will talk about the ‘upper crust’ who actually did nothing except be born into the family and inherit the wealth that was left behind by someone else’s hard work. The truth of the matter is, it goes far beyond that. The Lesson is interesting, as the writer points out that hard work is not the only key to wealth. Being optimistic, prudent, disciplined and patient comes along with it.

Such is the recipe for success.

Quill says: An inspirational learning tool that offers readers a chance to see all sides of various situations so that learning can continue.
Feathered Quill-Adebanjo


Editor’s Book Review For The 65 Sayings Inspired From My Night’s Dream

I met Fatai when he approached me to edit his book, 65 Sayings Inspired from my Night’s Dream. As an author who grew up in Nigeria and now resides in China, editing Fatai’s book was both a cultural revelation, and a delight. Across the world, men and women from dissimilar cultures often have difficulty communicating across their own cultural paradigms, yet Fatai’s book was clear, and his heart came across in the message he wrote.

65 Sayings Inspired from my Night’s Dream contains a challenging message to men and women of any culture or country. In it, Fatai addresses principles, which make our families, work places and faith stronger. His approach is straight forward, which I appreciate as man, editor and Christian author born and raised in the West. The world around us is always changing, yet principles and ideas that come from God are eternal. I believe that His words, and the principles Fatai presents.

I believe that his words, and the principles he defends would strengthen the hopes, dreams and homes of those who take his work to heart.

The bible says that God will speak to his people in dreams and visions. Fatai’s book is a testimony to this truth, and I believe some of God’s truth for all men is contained in this book. Thank you Fatai for your courage, and your persistence to get these ideas published. I pray that this book finds its way into the hands of openhearted men and women across your country, and the world.


Timothy Burns