Author’s Bio

Fatai’s writing journey began with a midnight dream in 2003, where he finds himself in an empty classroom with chairs, starring at a saying written on a chalkboard by an unknown writer that reads – “A drug is a root that comes from money in such a level.” According to Fatai,

“When I was at the age of 12, I realized I had a passion for writing, but I really didn’t have the ability to put my words together in the way it should be then.” Never before in his life could he have imagined himself being a writer, but surprisingly, as it turned out, since the day he saw the saying in his dream and was able to write it down on a paper, he received inspiration that enabled him to write his own 65 Sayings. All he could remember was that it was as if someone was speaking some words into his mind, until he was able to complete his own 65 Sayings today. That has also led him to write several other books both published and unpublished.

Born in 1978, Fatai studied Journalism at Times Journalism Institute, in Lagos, Nigeria. His dream of becoming an interpreter and international Businessman led him to travel to China for an intensive study of the Chinese Language at the Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China to break the language barrier and ease business transaction from China to Africa and the rest of the world. Fatai is also an interpreter of Chinese to English Language and a Business Consultant. He currently lives in Chengdu, China.