The following are some of my 65 Sayings:

“He that is slapped by someone and refuses to slap back is not a fool; he knows what he is doing.”

“Everyone desires happiness, but happiness will only be available to those that deserve it.”

“There is no complete loser in life; a man will gain some and lose some.”

“He who cannot control the words of his mouth, the consequence of the words of his mouth would control him.”

“The end is the result of the beginning.”

“Men that are full of arrogance are like a loaf of bread floating on the river. They will sink like the loaf of the bread, if they refuse to embrace humility.”

“The graveyard is the only place where there is no barrier between the rich and the poor.”

“Avoid feeling inferior to anyone. We are all born into the world like others.”

“Tour a prison; you will truly know the value of freedom.”

“Search beyond the appearance of a man.”